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Interior Design is more than just creating a beautiful home. It is about living comfortably while being surrounded by the things we love. It is about creating an environment that we feel good in while providing a sanctuary to counterbalance the stress that life can throw at us. This blog is aimed at helping others achieve that “there is no place like home” feeling.

Hi. I am Barbara Rose. Ready to create a warm and welcoming home?

  • Pillow Talk
    Why am I writing about pillows? Well, I am all about "designing to be happy," and you can't be happy if you are cranky from not sleeping well.Pillows can be the culprit of a stiff neck or restless night of tossing and turning. Often people who can't get comfortable when they sleep blame their mattress … Read more
  • Five Essential Design Tips For Creating Amazing Spaces
    Below are six design tips that are essential to creating a warm and welcoming home. Keep them in mind as you decorate and plan your next project. Design Tips #1 of 5: Focal Points The over-sized headboard grabs your attention and acts as a focal point Make sure you have a focal point. All rooms … Read more
  • Renovations And Remodeling: What You Should Know Beforehand
    I love renovations and remodeling projects. The smell of the lumber and the noise of the power tools invigorate me. I find the whole "reno" scene, at every stage exciting and a bit addicting. Okay I confess, extremely addicting. I always want more. That is because I know it means something is about to get … Read more