How to Pick A Backsplash for your Kitchen and Avoid Costly Mistakes

Where do I start?

First, decide on whether your backsplash should make a statement or take a backseat to everything else in the kitchen. Look around and analyze what is in the room already. One mistake often made is thinking that every element in a room must be a star. 
If your cabinets are elaborate, and or if there is a lot going on in the room, you don’t need another star, select a plain tile.  Because choosing something simpler will balance the room. As a result, you will be able to enjoy the other more elaborate elements rather than having them competing with your backsplash for your attention.  

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Living Room

Get Started Creating Your Happy Place at Home

Home should be your happy place.

How do I Create my Happy Place?


Before you begin creating your happy place, think about Disney. All Disney park lovers know that it is an experience like none other. In the first place, the park is designed to have something for everyone. As soon as you walk in, you have crossed a threshold to something magical. Not only has Disney has thought of everything but they have polished every detail. Even my nose is happily entertained with the sweet smells seemingly coming from the restaurants. I remember hearing that these smells are artificially generated to enhance the park’s guest experience. I bring this up because I want you to think of your home environment as an experience.

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