Feel Good Ideas For Your Home

Hello all,

I hope everyone is doing well despite that life is very different these days. This week I am re-posting one of the very first blogs I wrote. I decided to share it again because It is much more meaningful today than it was six months ago when I first posted it. I hope you can find some ideas that will put a smile on your face, even if it is just a temporary distraction. Stay home and stay safe!

Best, Barbara Rose

How is your New Normal Going?

I hope everyone is well and staying safe. It’s week three of staying at home, and I am wondering how you all are doing. I am hoping you all are using “Design to be Happy” ideas as a coping strategy because it has never been more timely and appropriate than right now. Design to be happy” is all about creating a home that is your sanctuary. A place that is a safe-haven and helps to counterbalance the stress life throughs at you.

girl with mask.  This is the new normal.

What does that mean to us today? It means we should be looking for ways our home can help us cope with today’s new normals. It may mean temporary re-designs for some areas in our home. These temporary re-designs can elevate our mood and make us more comfortable for the time being. Having my daughter and husband home 24/7 changed the way our home needed to function. From speaking with family and friends, I know that this is what is going on with many right now.

New Normal #1: Staying Home

Working from home – If you don’t have a separate office space or perhaps share an office with others that are also working from home now. Consider taking over another room temporarily. Re-design a room so that you can be comfortable. Dining Room tables can make a perfect temporary desk.

No separation from others in the home – If you are not used to being with your family 24/7, it may present some challenges. Carve out space for yourself that you can enjoy some solitude. It can be a place to craft or read. Even taking a bath, can give you some solitude and relaxation time.

No exercise – Staying home can make us less active. Be conscious of this and make a plan to keep you healthy and active. All types of exercise classes are being offered free of charge on the web.

Cabin fever – It may be a little earlier, but consider setting up your patio as an additional outside room. Spending some time outside, even if it is still at your home, may help with the cabin fever.

New Normal #2: Social Distancing

Social distancing is causing us all to miss our family and friends. Zoom and Facetime are wonderful ways to feel connected and less isolated. Scheduling zoom parties gives you something to look forward to and keeps one day from blending into the next. Also, organizing and looking at family photos could be uplifting. For more ideas on this checkout weeks blog on how to create a gallery wall with family photos

New Normal #3: Loss of Control

We are experiencing things that we never thought we would, and we can’t change that. But there are things you can do to feel still like you have a sense of normalcy and control. You will have to find what works for you. For me, I need to keep a modified routine, complete with to-do lists and daily goals.

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