Does Your Kitchen’s Functionality Need Tweaking?

For a kitchen to function well, things must be stored efficiently.

Kitchens are the heart of the home. How is yours working for you? Is there anything you can do to make your current space more efficient? During the holidays, we spend an abundance of time in the kitchen, cooking, eating, and cleaning. It’s a great time to tweak things, so your kitchen functions as well as possible. Below are some ideas for quick fixes, along with suggestions to keep in mind future improvements.

How well are the contents in your kitchen arranged?

Some kitchen items can be decorative while not being used
  • Are the dishes and glasses that you use every day in a spot to be easily put away when emptying the dishwasher and dish drainer? Ideally, it would be best if you did not have to take steps to complete this task.
  • On the other hand, it makes sense to have the flatware, including serving pieces, near the table, if possible. When emptying the dishwasher, you can take the whole silverware caddy over to the drawer to put the utensils away, and you won’t end up walking back and forth.
  • If you like to bake, are all your baking needs—including bowls, and common ingredients like flour, sugar, baking powder, salt—within easy reach of each other?
  • Are the cooking utensils and pots and pans that you use regularly stored next to the stove? And are they organized a way such that you can quickly retrieve the one you need?
  • If you have a collection of herbs and spices, are they stored close to the stove? Are they organized so you can immediately find the one you want?
  • Do you have potholders stored next to the oven?
  • Are there utensils, implements, gadgets that you use only occasionally taking up room and cluttering up your core storage locations? Could they be relocated to a less central location to free up central space?
  • Is the trashcan located next to, underneath, or within easy reach of the sink?
kitchen with pots on shelves
Shelving can add additional storage.

Some suggestions on kitchen storage:

  • Within a cabinet, try to group things that are the same height on the same shelf—like cups and mugs, for instance. Then, if you tighten up space above, you may be able to add an extra shelf.
  • Add decorative storage baskets above cabinets to store things used infrequently.
  • Retrofit an antique hutch to look like a built-in cabinet to add storage.
  • Seek out vertical wall storage systems that could organize kitchen utensils and gadgets.
  • Or use a utensil crock/holder on the counter next to the stove to hold your most often used cook’s tools—it’s almost like a chef’s bouquet!
  • Put a two-tiered lazy susan inside your cabinet to hold herbs and spices. Lazy susans make them easier to find and keep less frequently used spices from getting lost in the back. 
  • Add a wire rack suspended from an upper shelf to hold a platter or two and free up shelf space.
  • Do you have numerous platters and trays piled on top of one another? Stacking the boxes that they came in, if sturdy—or obtaining suitable flat ones—opened on one edge, allows you to easily slide any of them out, even from the bottom of the pile, without chipping them.

Suggestions for future kitchen function improvements

More suggestions to improve a kitchen’s functionality:

  • Install recessed, pendant, and under-the-counter lighting.
  • Install outlet strips to make sure there is an outlet where you need it.
  • Install a swan neck faucet to make your sink able to accommodate large pots and pans.
  • Use a kitchen cart to create a coffee bar to free up room on the counter.
  • Create a built-in dining nook with storage drawers under the seats.
  • If your kitchen has a door to the outside, consider replacing it with an all-glass door to let more light in, and make sure it has a screen.
  • Buy things that require little maintenance. Don’t waste your time with dishes that are not able to go into the dishwasher. Your time is better spent doing things that make you happy!

The Container Store is a great source for ideas on how to organize specific parts of your kitchen. They have ideas for utensil drawers, spices, pantries, junk drawers and more.

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