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Five Super Ways to Improve Your Foyer

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Foyers can be large, small, or even part of another room. Whatever the scenario, it’s design should be carefully thought out just like all of the other rooms in your home. Your Foyer should welcome you home after a hard day’s work. What I mean is, you should walk in and say, ‘ahhh’ I am home. Also, your Foyer is the first place guests see. We have all heard the expression that you don’t get a second chance for a first impression. Here are some tips to help create a Foyer that you will love.

1- If you don’t have a Foyer, create one.

If your entrance to your home is part of another room, consider ways that you can define the space. This can be easily accomplished with how you arrange your furniture. A sofa can act as a space divider. Place a sofa table behind it, and it can do double duty as an entrance table. This is an excellent tip for smaller spaces.

Even large spaces can lack a formal Foyer. Currently, I am in the final stages of a remodel where the living room is quite large. It also has a vaulted ceiling, which makes the room seem even more expansive. Even with the room’s large size, there was no Foyer or coat closet. The floor-plans below show how a closet was added, which defined the space to create a foyer. 

The result of this successful remodel is the home now has a foyer and a much-needed coat closet. The homeowners were able to do away with the overloaded coat rack and boot tray, which were the first things you saw walking in the door. Now, rather than walking into a large boxy room, you walk into a cozy foyer, which is more architecturally pleasing.

2- Make sure your Foyer is organized

Foyers can easily become messy. We come home put down packages, keys and take off coats and shoes. The trick is to have a designated spot for all of the things that need storage in your entrance way. Also beware of the pitfall of routinely dropping items there that belong someplace else. This way your entrance will never look messy or cluttered.

Photo by Suad Kamardeen on Unsplash
  • Add a table with a drawer. The drawer can hold keys; a basket could be used for mail or other necessary papers, keeping it organized.
  • Have adequate storage for coats and shoes. This can be a closet, an armoire, coat rack or hooks on the wall. If you use a hall tree or hooks, make sure it doesn’t become a catch-all for every coat you own. Just keep the seasonal few you are using there so it won’t be an eyesore.
Trim and molding can add architectural interest to a Foyer

3- Select the perfect paint or wallpaper

If you have a traditional home, your Foyer is in the middle of your home and connects to a few different rooms. When this is the case, it is crucial to pick a color that is a good ‘bridge’ to connect to the other rooms. The desired outcome is for the colors to flow from room to room. They do not have to be the same; they just have to harmonize well.

Foyer with pictures  and staircase
Wallpaper and molding detail adds visual interest to this neutral colored Foyer

Wallpaper can be an excellent choice for Foyers because it brings depth and interest to the walls that can’t be achieved with paint. It also is a good “bridge” to connect colors between rooms. A wallpaper with a few different colors in it can give you the inspiration for the colors to decorate the adjoining rooms.

Wallpaper can be an excellent choice for neutral-colored rooms as well. Wallpaper add texture and visual interest to a neutral palette.

4- Choose durable materials

Foyers get a lot of traffic. Choose durable materials for the walls and floors.  

  • For paint, choose a product that is washable, scrub-able, and easy to touch up if needed. Sherwin Williams Emerald Paint is a great choice and will hold up over time.
  • Tile for the floor is the easiest to care for, but if it doesn’t work with your design scheme, take other precautions to make sure your floors will stay looking great. Choose doormats that are specifically made to protect your floors in entrance ways.  
  • Choose colors and products that are easy to maintain and don’t look dirty fast.
Add what makes you happy


Your home should reflect you and the others that live in your home. Don’t get so caught up in creating a magazine-worthy Foyer that you overlook adding your personal effects. Incorporate the things you love, and what makes you happy. After all, making it a home that is perfect for you is what it is all about!

Thanks for reading! More Design To Be Happy tips coming up….

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