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Five Tips for Creating an Outdoor Room That You Will Love

An outdoor room can be a beautiful extension to our home to relax and entertain in. Outdoor rooms should receive the same amount of thought as inside spaces when designing and creating them. Here are five tips to help you create an outside room that you’ll love.

outdoor room with pavillion
Curtains, throw pillows, lighting for ambiance; YES PLEASE!

1: Plan carefully And Pick The Perfect Location For Your Outdoor Room

Planning is an essential step in every design project and outdoor rooms are no exception. Think about your expectations for this space and how are you going to use it. Is this a grilling and eating space or refuge to unwind and relax? Or is it both of these things?

Determine the perfect location for your outdoor room. In a small yard, you may have limited options making this an easy decision. In larger yards, you may have more options to consider.

Grilling and eating areas work best near the house so that you don’t have to trek dishes a distance. Barbecues and outdoor kitchens located near the eating area keep the Cook part of the party.

Refuge areas don’t necessarily have to be close to the house; however, I recommend creating it where you can see it from the house. Having it in an eyeshot will lure you into using it more often. Also, if it is close to the house, trips to the kitchen or bathroom are quick and easy.

Other considerations are view and privacy. Both can be created if need be, but they should weigh in when choosing your location.

2: Define the space

Area rugs help to define a space.

Your space won’t have a “room” feel if you don’t define it. The simplest way to do this is with an outdoor area rug. Area rugs not only give the room definition, but it is an opportunity to add color and pizazz. Check out Loloi’s outdoor rugs for a great selection.

Another way to define the space is with a structure such as a gazebo or a pavilion. You can have one built or purchase one of the many great pre-fabricated ones available on the market today.

3: Keep it Easy

As a rule of thumb, keep it is easy so it will get used more often. An outdoor room that can remain set up all the time is optimal because you can steal a few minutes here and there to use it. If it is an ordeal to set up, you won’t do it if you only have a short time to enjoy it.

Outdoor structures are a great investment because they protect from light rain, intense sun and can also help to keep your furniture clean. If you have to wipe the seating down every time you sit outside, you may shy away from enjoying time out of doors as often as you could.

Many outdoor structures have electricity, allowing for a ceiling fan to be incorporated. Fans are a great way to keep your outdoor space free of pesky mosquitoes.

4: Choose comfortable AND Durable furniture

outdoor room
All guests are comfy on this sectional.

Let’s face it if your furniture isn’t comfortable you won’t want to use it. If only some of your outdoor furniture is comfortable someone will get the “bad chair.” The good news is manufacturers are making outdoor furniture that resembles our inside furniture and that is equally comfortable. Pay attention to the quality of the foam used as well as the thickness of the cushions to make sure you are purchasing quality furniture.

5: Don’t Forget To Add Your Personality

Don’t forget to put your stamp on it. Incorporate the things you love, and what makes you happy. After all, making it a home that is perfect for you is what it is all about!

I truly believe our home plays a role in our happiness. It is the core of my design philosophy and I want to help others create their perfect home. If you enjoy getting these tips and seeing what is happening in the design world, be sure to subscribe.

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