Happy New Year!

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Just a quick post to say Happy New Year. Wishing you and your family beautiful moments, memories to treasure, and blessings that fill your heart.

A big THANK YOU to my subscribers. I hope you are enjoying what I write about and share. As you know by now, I am all about helping others create a look good, FEEL GOOD home because I truly believe our home environment has a big impact on our life and happiness.

If you are new to my blog and missed some of my earlier posts, they explain what Design2bhappy means to me. Links: Design 2B Happy what does that mean?, Incorporate Good Mood Influence into your decor.

2019 has been great. We talked about decorating, color, 2020 design trends, shopping tips, holiday decorating, working with a designer, and clutter. We covered so much but I am just getting started.

Coming in 2020: In no particular order: Paint myths, Up-cycling with Chalk Paint, Advice for Remodels and Renovations, What not to do in your Living Room, Designer’s Favorite Things in their Homes and much more!

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Barbara Rose

Hi I am Barbara Rose. I am an Interior Designer and I started design2bhappy to inspire others to think of Interior Design as more than just creating a beautiful home. It is about living comfortably, while being surrounded by things you love. It is about creating an environment that we feel good in while providing a sanctuary to counter- balance the stress that life can throw at us. This blog is aimed at helping others achieve that "there is no place like home" feeling.

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