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Holiday Decorating and Traditions

How is your holiday decorating going this year? Do you have any decorating traditions that you look forward to every year? I have a few favorite things that I do that get me in the holiday spirit.

Holiday Decorating and Remembering Christmas Past

Christmas decorations
One basket for Christmas past and another for Christmas present

I have always saved the photo Christmas cards that I received. A few years back, I started putting them out in a basket in my living room, so when time allowed, or when company was over, they could be thumbed through and enjoyed. Having them out has sparked conversations, usually sharing memories of the loved ones in the photograph. Looking through old photo cards has become something I look forward to every year.

Thinking of friends, family and life’s special moments

Holiday decorating with handmade ornaments
Holiday decorating with handmade ornaments
Holiday decorating with handmade ornaments

I never played into the idea of themed Christmas trees or worrying about if it matched my living room. My tree is a mishmash, and I prefer it that way. Every ornament on the tree means something to me. Some ornaments were gifts that make me think about the person who gave them to me. Others commemorate something monumental in my family’s history like first home, babies, and vacations. Some were handmade. I still have the paper ornaments my daughter’s made in kindergarten. I enjoy the memories each one brings as I hang them on the tree.

Holiday Decorating and Small little details

I have a pair of lighted trees in pots on my porch. I love decorating them for all of the seasons. It is a silly little thing that makes me happy. The trees unadorned are terrible looking. They starts to perk up when I add ornaments to them. But they come to life when I start adding some natural elements from my yard. I add in greenery from boxwoods, evergreens, and holly bushes. I add pine-cones, dried flower buds, and berries from trees and anything I find that is pretty. The creative process makes me as happy as the finished product.

Christmas dinner table seating favors

I love taking out my Christmas china and setting the table but the highlight for me is making place setting favors for my family. I am not sure what I will make this year. But here are some pictures of what I have made in the past.

These were easy to make but I had to recruit help because they were extremely time consuming. I used gigantic pinecones and hot glued them into a candle votive holder. Then painted and decorated them.

Santa on sled, made from chocolate and candy canes

These Santa sleds were pretty easy to make. Here is a link with the directions if you feel inspired https://www.bettycrocker.com/recipes/santas-candy-sleighs/12276749-0163-4074-8e3d-361e56b76b80 .

Cork reindeer ornament

The cork reindeers were also not difficult to make. Here is a link for directions. https://visualheart.wordpress.com/2013/12/08/how-to-make-a-wine-cork-reindeer/

The best was the year I made golf ball snowman ornaments. I made them in the likeness of each of my family members. When it came time to sit at the table, they had to find the snowman that looked like them to find their seat. It was a big hit, and I don’t think I will ever top that. These were inspired by snowmen ornaments that I saw on pinterest but I put my own spin on them. https://www.allfreechristmascrafts.com/Snowman-Christmas-Crafts/Golf-Ball-Snowman-Ornament/

Ornaments made from golf balls
My Snowman Family

I better get crafting if I want to have favors for my Christmas table this year.

Please share a tradition

These are just a few of the holiday decorating traditions that I look forward to each year. I would love to hear what traditions you have. Please share by leaving a reply at the bottom of this page.

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