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My home has always been my safe-haven, but now the Corononavirus Pandemic and flattening the curve, gives that a whole new meaning. I have been staying at home as much as possible. Like most people, I have been listening to the news way too much, with the need to be informed. I have found it interesting to hear how others are coping. Mostly the tone is dismal. But yesterday a man interviewed said something different, and I can’t stop thinking about it.

He said his wife felt blessed to have been given the gift of time at home. Some people were probably put off by that statement. I didn’t take it as a selfish comment that was disrespectful to those who will become ill, lose loved ones, or perhaps lost their livelihood. For me, it was her coping mechanism and need to find the silver lining.

I understood her because it is my coping mechanism too. Believe me; I am heartbroken to see our country shutting down and by the global loss of life. My family has been impacted, and it is not business as usual. If I only think about the Pandemic and allow my worry to consume me, I will crumble. I am trying to focus on the silver lining because it is the only thing I can control in this world that is out of control.

My first blessing is my daughter, who works in the theater industry is home. She is not feeling blessed with the disruption, loss of wages and change to her everyday life. However, I am thankful she has chosen to stay home with us, fleeing her NYC apartment for the time being.

Next, I am looking forward to conquering the many projects on my to-do list that I have been unable to find the time for. I am sharing and expanding my list just in case you need some ideas on how to pass the time. My list is long. I may not get to it all, but having goals and being productive feels good right now.

Spring clean while staying home to flatten the curve

Finish spring cleaning

Last week in my “Spring is Coming” post I spoke about spring cleaning. Clean what doesn’t get done every week. For example, ceiling fans, high shelves, and ledges, and lighting fixtures. Seeing the crystals on your chandeliers sparkle will make you happy.

Organize Closets and Drawers

Throw out, give away, and donate. I think feeling organized can help you feel in control, which may be helpful right now.

Go through old photos

Organize family photos. Write who is in the picture and when it was taken on the back of the photo. Scan important ones and make photo books. Update the photos hanging in your home and in picture frames placed through your home.

Spruce up your home gym

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels.com

Since gyms are closed, it is an excellent time to dust off the treadmill and spruce up the room its in. If you enjoy being in the space, the likelihood that you will continue your exercise regime is greater.

Refinish a piece of furniture

Try out chalk paint and give a piece of furniture a new look. I have a few pieces that I am hoping to makeover. I’ll share if I get to it.

Paint a picture

Knowing that I was going to be staying at home, I stocked up on art canvas. I have some ideas for art I would like to create, but I am making myself finish cleaning and organizing first.

Rearrange a room’s furniture

If you are tired of being in the same place, switch the place up, so it seems different.

Make Pinterest Boards

Pinterest is a great resource to create boards for future decorating projects. Connect with me at http://www.pinterest.com/barbararosedesigns There we can dream about the time when things return to some kind of normalcy.

If you have other ideas for home projects that would be good to accomplish now, feel free to add them by commenting below. I hope everyone reading this is in good spirits and health. Stay safe, my friends, and as always, thanks for reading.

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Hi I am Barbara Rose. I am an Interior Designer and I started design2bhappy to inspire others to think of Interior Design as more than just creating a beautiful home. It is about living comfortably, while being surrounded by things you love. It is about creating an environment that we feel good in while providing a sanctuary to counter- balance the stress that life can throw at us. This blog is aimed at helping others achieve that "there is no place like home" feeling.

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