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Why am I writing about pillows? Well, I am all about “designing to be happy,” and you can’t be happy if you are cranky from not sleeping well.
Pillows can be the culprit of a stiff neck or restless night of tossing and turning. Often people who can’t get comfortable when they sleep blame their mattress when the problem is their pillow.

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Selecting the perfect pillow can be difficult because there are so many choices that it gets confusing. On top of that, you can’t try them out in the store the way you can lay on different mattresses when shopping. There are a few things to know which can help you find a pillow that will be comfortable for you.

Pillow Size

The first and simplest thing to consider when shopping for a pillow is its size. Your pillow size should match the size of your bed. If you have a king-size bed, you should buy king-size pillows. That way, when you roll over, your head will still have a pillow under it. Bed pillows come in three sizes, standard, queen, and king.

Your next decision is what type of pillow do you want. Some popular choices include down, feathers, fiberfill, and latex memory foam.

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Down and Feather Pillows

Down consists of the clusters of soft feathers from the breast of a duck or goose. These types of feather clusters are the softest and fluffiest and, therefore, extremely comfortable. Goose down is considered to be the best and is what is used in luxury pillows.

The quality of a down pillow is also measured by it’s Fill Power number (FP). Fill Power refers to the pillows loft. A high quality down pillow will have a FP between 600 and 1000. FP1000 is the best, because it has a very high loft. If you want to treat yourself consider an 1000 Fill Power European white goose down pillow.

Down pillows are hypoallergenic and do not have quills that poke through the fabric as you sometimes find with feather pillows that are not down. All feather pillows should have a pillow protector between the pillow and the pillowcase. Look for pillows that have the RDS certification meaning that they are responsibly sourced down.  

Synthetic Down Pillows

Pillows made from synthetic down alternatives loft and cluster just like down but cost much less. A synthetic down pillow with a gusset, it will loft much like a high end down pillow.

Fiberfill and Memory Foam Pillows

Fiberfill pillows are an economical and easy to clean. The downside is they don’t last long because they can get clumpy and lumpy.

Latex memory foam pillows work well for people who need extra support for their neck since it contours and molds to your body, even as you move during sleep.

Firmness and sleeping positions

Next, consider your sleeping position. If you sleep on your stomach, a soft pillow is probably the most comfortable option for you. Side sleepers generally prefer a firm pillow, while people who sleep on the backs most often choose a medium-firm pillow. Medium-firm is also a good choice for someone who sleeps both on their side and back.

A physical therapist will tell you that when you are sleeping, your spine should be straight, meaning that your head should be elevated on the pillow just enough and not too much. For the best night’s sleep, you want to be sure that your head is supported such that your neck is not bent on an angle for the night.

This information should give you some insight into selecting a pillow that is best for you. Pillow preference varies from person to person, so your perfect pillow may not be best for the rest of your family and will depend significantly on the size of your frame and your preferred sleep position.

How do I know all of this? Some women can’t resist buying shoes. My weakness is pillows. I do have some favorites, but there is something about a new fluffy pillow that I can’t resist.Did you get to read my last post on Renovations and Remodeling? If you enjoy reading about ideas to create a warm and welcoming home subscribe so you don’t miss a thing!   

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