Spring is Coming

Spring is coming but I like to jump-start it because March is always a blah month. Usually, there is no snow, no signs of life in the garden, and more than usual rainy, gray days. Like I said, “blah.”

March following a snowy winter is not as bad as March following a winter that has not brought a lot of snow. No snow plus a gray March is way too much icky blah-ness for me to handle. It creates an internal frenzy in me with a hefty appetite for color, brightness, and all things fun and whimsy.

I also feel a nesting instinct leading me to do some heavy spring cleaning, closet organizing, and total purge of excess stuff. Lightening the load is liberating, and I am happy to donate what I no longer need to worthy organizations.

I guess March is a “Renaissance” month for me. It is time to revitalize through cleaning/organizing rituals and get ready for the new life that spring brings. In the meantime, I jumpstart the spring season; that is where the color, brightness, and whimsy comes in.

Design2bhappy Ideas for March

Design2bhappy is about creating the best soul nurturing environment possible for yourself. If that sounds interesting, you may enjoy reading an earlier post, Design to be happy; what does that mean? Below are some ways to jumpstart Spring and get through the dreary days of March.

Spring clean and Organize

Clean things that don’t get cleaned weekly. Ceiling fans, china cabinets, ledges and shelves at high heights. I find this therapeutic. Going through closets and organizing can feel good too. I enjoy the process, and sometimes I uncover things forgotten about, or find photos and mementos that put a smile on my face.

Decorate for Spring

I enjoy making a few seasonal changes to my decor so that my eye doesn’t get stagnant and can appreciate the things I love. I wrote a lot about this a few months ago in a post titled, The Incredible Power of Seasonal Decor Changes. Switching things up from time to time is a valuable habit to adopt.

The owner of the chair above had a slipcover made so that it could transform from Winter to Spring. (Picture on left shows it slipcovered)

Brighten up your decor

I have talked before about adding pops of color to brighten your decor. But there are other ways to brighten too. You can add white. Surprised? Look how these white pillows add brightness! And to quote a designer-friend, “the pillows added another dimension to the room that makes it more interesting and they energized the space without adding a “color.”

Buy yourself flowers

Flowers have a way of brightening a room and making you smile.

Fresh flowers in a vase not only looks pretty but I believe they can elevate your mood. Usually I am not a fan of silk flowers however there are many good faux floral arrangements these days; I am changing my tune. If you can find one that looks good and makes you happy, who cares if they are silk or real.

Start your garden

Hellebores is a plant that grows in the Spring
Hellebores is a plant that grows in the Spring

If you love gardening, it is time to plant your seeds (indoors). If gardening is not your thing, but you would like to start enjoying some early blooms, Hellebores is a plant that blooms from February to May. It is a deer resistant, shade plant, usually with white or pink flowers.

Find your whimsy

whimsical wall decor of a deer head
Wall Decor by Artist Barbara Alyn

Life is so serious so why not add some whimsy to your decor. Add things that make you smile. The choice of what to add is personal. I was shopping in a Margaretville, NY with a friend and she purchased the deer head shown in the photo. It is a piece by artist Barbara Alyn. I think it is safe to say my friend found her whimsy. She said the piece just spoke to her and made her smile.

Enjoy the extra daylight

Now with daylight saving time, we have more daylight, which can be energizing. Enjoy it, and spend time doing what you like doing. Break the couch potato routine that one can fall into during the cold, dark winter.

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