Summary of Design Trends for 2020

Design trends for 2020 have excited and inspired me for the upcoming year’s design possibilities. I see paint, fabrics, and furniture trends coming together and creating beautiful rooms. Muted paint colors are setting the stage and background for whatever makes you happy. If you’re into neutrals, your fabric choices are still in abundance, and you will be excited about by all the options of textures. If bold colors and patterns are where your heart is, you, too, will find a great selection of fabric to choose from. The shift in furniture design reintroducing curves and embellishments gives another layer of design to have fun with and an additional opportunity to let your personality shine through.

2020 Trend Colors by Sherwin Williams

  • Many of the colors have been de-saturated and muted to the point where they can be used as neutrals when decorating.
  • The color palettes that lean towards low contrast, making the addition of textures important.
  • Soft muted colors are being used to translate tranquility, order and sanctuary.
  • Clearer colors are being used to solicit focus, balance, and happiness.
  • The new grays and whites are warm-toned.
  • Beige’s have a pink undertone.
  • Mustard, clay, and cocoa are our new earthy colors.
  • Reds are pink-toned resulting in shades like Juneberry and Erics Pink.
  • Navy and dark green have become neutrals, that work well as a grounding color as black has been used traditionally.
  • There is harmony between palettes.

To read more about this check out, 2020 Color Forcast by Sherwin Williams is a Home-Run.

Design Trends for 2020 in Luxury Home Decor Fabrics by the Robert Allen Duralee Group

What to expect in 2020 in home decor fabrics

  • bold colors
  • lively prints inspired by South and Central America
  • lots of texture
  • heavier fabrics, even cotton and linen fabrics have substantial weight to them
  • embroidered fabrics
  • fabrics that feel good to the touch
  • fabrics inspired by menswear
  • Big selection of high-performance fabrics for durability

Want to know more? Read What to Expect in Luxury Home Decor Fabrics in 2020 by the Robert Allen Duralee Group.

2020 Furniture Trends by Seigerman’s Furniture

Seigerman's furniture showroom
  • Design Trends Have Shifted
  • Curved furniture
  • Metal details
  • Mottled furniture
  • Marbleized furniture
  • Acrylic furniture
  • Swivel chairs
  • Shaped ottomans as a trend
  • Over-sized hardware trending

To read more about 2020 Furniture trends read 2020 Furniture Trends Presented by Seigerman’s Furniture and Design Center.

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