2020 Furniture Trends Presented by Seigerman’s Furniture and Design Center

Seigerman’s Furniture Showroom

What 2020 furniture trends can we expect? I headed to Seigerman’s Furniture and Design Center in Farmingdale to find out! Seigerman’s is a fantastic furniture store that also has a design center for trade professionals. It has quickly become one of my favorite places to bring my clients. They hosted an event showcasing a few manufacturers and summarizing the trends they saw at the Highpoint Market. The presentations were informative and enjoyable. I was so happy that I was invited and able to be there.

To the Trade Design Center Upstairs at Seigerman’s
A Fantastic Resource for Interior Designers

Design Trends Have Shifted

This year we will see a significant shift in furniture design trends. 2020 will guide us away from the straight-line, minimalist trends that we have been seeing and reintroduce curves and embellishments.

One of the 2020 furniture trends you will see is curved furniture

Curved furniture in living room showing 2020 furniture trends
Furniture with curves are a trend for 2020

Curvy is in! Curves can be found in crescent-shaped sofas, barrel-shaped chairs, rounded headboards. But not only upholstery is getting curvy. Case-goods trends show a shift from straight lines too. Bombay chests make a reappearance. Did you know Bombay means curved in French?

designer bedroom with upholstered headboard
Curves are a furniture trend for 2020

You will see metal details on furniture as another one of the 2020 furniture trends

John-Richard Cabinets
Metal accents on furniture are a trend for 2020

Furniture trends follow fashion trends, and it is so evident in the addition of metal details. We have been seeing metal on heels of shoes for a while now. Metal details transferring over to furniture is AMAZING! Such a smart and classy look which dresses up everything from bed frames, upholstery to case goods. Most of the time, the metal shown is gold. You will see in occasional tables as well. Gold is classic and here to stay.   

In 2020 you will see mottled furniture as a furniture trend

Mottled Credenza
Mottled Credenza shown at market by Artistica

When I think of mottled, I always think of car interiors, and never in a pleasing way. However, after seeing it on occasional tables, dressers, and credenzas, I have a new appreciation. It adds texture, depth, and interest! I can’t believe I LOVE it!

In 2020 you will see marbleized furniture as a furniture trend

coffee table with marble top.
Marble top coffee table.

Marbleized furniture is a nod towards traditional and classic design. Expect to see it on dresser tops and occasional tables.

Another trend for furniture in 2020 is acrylic furniture

Acrylic Furniture by Bernhardt
Acrylic Furniture by Bernhardt

Acrylic furniture is chic and can work in virtually any room. Since it adds very little visual weight, it allows other design elements to be the star, while taking on a functional role.

In 2020 you will see swivel chairs

Table and chairs
Swivel chairs by Design Master

I have always been a fan of the swivel. Who doesn’t love its flexibility? Also, they are usually extremely comfortable chairs.  Swivel chairs will be popular for dining and accent chairs.

In 2020 you will see shaped ottomans as a trend

liviing room white and teal
A furniture trend for 2020 is shaped ottomans

Round, square, and hexagon-shaped ottomans are hot in 2020. Clustering a few together is also a trend to expect.

In 2020 you will see over-sized hardware trending

living room display by John-Richard
Geode hardware on cabinet

Much more attention has been given to cabinet knobs and drawer pulls. In fact, hardware has become a defining design element. In 2020 expect to see over-sized hardware with a significant impact on its furniture piece.

Universal furniture cabinets and dressers
Hardware that makes a statement is a trend for 2020

Seigermans did a great job presenting these design trends to the trade. If you have not been to their furniture and interior design center, treat yourself and stop in. Everything shown in these pictures is available there. Also, the showroom is full of breathtaking displays, and the customer service is unsurpassed.

I hope you found the time to read my posts: Sherwin Williams Color Forecast for 2020 is a Homerun, What to expect in luxury home decor fabrics for 2020 from the Robert Allen and Duralee Group, and The Gary Mead Gallery. If you enjoy keeping up on trends and can use some ideas for making your home perfect for you, please subscribe.

green and blue living room furniture

What to expect to see in Luxury Home Decor Fabrics for 2020 From The Robert Allen Duralee Group

This week I attended an excellent presentation at The Robert Allen Duralee Group’s newly renovated Long Island showroom, introducing their new collection of home decor fabrics. It was refreshing to see the direction their fabrics are taking for 2020. With Robert Allen and Duralee’s merger, they promised innovative, beautiful products, and with these new collections, they delivered!

Expect Bold Color in Home Decor Fabrics

The Robert Allen Duralee Group felt the world was ready for bold color. Specifically, the colors they named, Tomato, Azure, and Aqua. Bold color is quite a contrast to past trends that we have become accustomed to.

How did we go from gray, beige, and white to highly saturated bold colors? The Robert Allen Duralee Group looks to fashion, social media, and travel trends for inspiration. People are traveling to places that they have not gone to traditionally, such as South and Central America. The bold colors and prints are a direct influence of these travel spots.
The color Tomato was inspired by henna and saffron. Azure is a color that came from the cobalt blues found in South American pottery. Lagoons and serenity inspired the color Agua.

One of the beautiful vignettes at the Long Island Showroom showcasing RADG’s fabrics and furniture

Expect Lively Prints in Home Decor Fabrics

The new fabric collections contain a variety of brightly colored large-scale prints. These prints, like the new color palette, are inspired by Central and South American design, another result of recent travel trends. Interior Design had become so serious for a while. It is refreshing to see a shift towards playful and whimsy decor.

chair with colorful fabric
Photo taken at RADG’s Long Island Showroom

Expect to see More Texture in Fabrics

The Robert Allen Duralee Group payed attention to how fabrics feel in addition to how they look. Recognizing the importance of the tactile sense of touch, the new collections offer a variety of textures. Texture adds dimension to a room. Incorporating different textures makes a room more interesting.

fabric inspired by menswear
menswear inspired fabric

Expect to see Menswear Inspired Fabrics

Highland Court’s new collection “Sula” was inspired by menswear. This luxury outdoor fabric collection has Faux wool, and faux mohair in Menswear inspired fabrics.

Expect to see Outdoor Fabrics Made in Indoor Color Palettes

Fabrics made to be used outside are very durable. They are fade resistant and liquids bead up and roll off them making the fabrics stain resistant. Because of their durability designers have been using them for indoor furniture too. Recognizing this trend, RADG has introduced outdoor fabrics made in indoor colors. There is even velvet in this collection!

black sofa with pink pillows
Blush pillows on sofa displayed at the Long Island Showroom

The new fabric collections have something for everyone. Traditional, transitional, and contemporary design styles are all well represented. Soft neutrals for those who prefer a quiet palette are still in abundance. However, those who are looking to liven things up will be ecstatic with the newly introduced fabrics boasting bold color and lively prints.

upholstered headboard, glamour bedroom
Breathtaking and stunning display at The Robert Allen Duralee Groups’ Long Island Showroom


What to expect in 2020 in home decor fabrics

  • bold colors
  • lively prints inspired by South and Central America
  • lots of texture
  • heavier fabrics, even cotton and linen fabrics have substantial weight to them
  • embroidered fabrics
  • fabrics that feel good to the touch
  • fabrics inspired by menswear
  • Big selection of high-performance fabrics for durability

I hope you were able to read last week’s blog on the 2020 Color Forcast by Sherwin Williams. Be sure not to miss a blog on furniture trends for 2020, coming soon. If you are enjoying keeping up on decorating trends please subscribe.

Sherwin-Williams’ 2020 Color Forecast is a “Home-run”

2020 Colormix ® Forecast by Sherwin-Williams

The color forecast by Sherwin-Williams, known in the industry as the Colormix® Forecast, is an event I look forward to attending every year. This year’s color forecast was, by far, my favorite one. Sherwin-Williams introduced “Color in Balance” and emphasized that Interior Designers should not only care about aesthetics but how a space makes a person feel. If you read my blog Design To Be Happy, What Does That Mean?, you are aware that this is in line with my design philosophy.

I am thrilled that Sherwin-Williams recognizes that our home environment is a tool that can be used to assist with our well-being. This theory is very timely, considering the fast pace and stress modern-day life throws at us. More than ever, our home should be our sanctuary.

One reason I feel Sherwin-Williams Colormix® Forecast is a “Home-run” (PUN INTENDED) is that I love their message. But, I am also excited about the color palettes. Honestly, I am in awe and obsessed with their 2020 color palettes. I can identify with all of them (first time) and believe that most people will connect with a few.

Colormix Forecast 2020

The forecast introduces 45 great up and coming colors and groups them into five color palettes. Each addresses a different emotional need. Sherwin-Williams says the palettes “bring joy, serenity, and focus to the mind, body, and spirit. 

Below is an introduction to the 2020 Colormix® Forecast Palettes by Sherwin-Williams. Be sure to read my thoughts and summary afterward.

Color Forecast Palette “Alive”

Sherwin-Williams Color Forecast Palette Alive

The 2020 Colormix® Forecast Palette “Alive” is about living in the moment and enjoying all the wonderful things life has to offer. Sherwin-Williams says that this palette was influenced by Optimism, Authenticity, Globalization, and New Local. They say this palette says to “be present.” The deep navy and olive green are the colors that keep you grounded and focused. Their cool tones are supported with warm neutrals, creating balance, which is essential for wellness.

Color Forecast Palette “Mantra”

Sherwin-Williams Color Forecast Palette Mantra

The 2020 Colormix® palette “Mantra” introduces soft muted colors in a well-balanced mix of both warm and cool colors. These colors are a perfect representation of what influenced them, Minimalism, Serenity, Scandinese, and Sanctuary. Sherwin-Williams says this palette is where the styles of East and West meet.

Color Forecast Palette “Play”

The 2020 Colormix® palette “Play” boasts a collection of fun and lively colors. Sherwin-Williams says the colors were influenced by Escapism, Humor, Joy, and Energy. The colors Pure White and Caviar are perfect companions to the other bright colors in the palette. They allow you to enjoy fun colors and at the same time, keep them from becoming overbearing. We all need more Play in our life!

Color Forecast Palette “Haven”

Sherwin-Williams Color Forecast Palette Haven

The Colormix® palette “Haven” is connected to nature. The colors are shades of the sky, sand, forest, and sea. Sherwin-Williams says the colors were influenced by Simplicity, Wabi-Sabi, Conservation, and Material Health. The shades in this palette are subdued, easy to live with, and create a warm, welcoming environment.

Color Forecast Palette “Heart”

The 2020 Colormix® palette “Heart” is comprised of corals, cocoas, and pinkish beiges. This palette was influenced by Bauhaus, Bohemian, Fusion, and Humanity. These soft, muted colors are earthy with a romantic edge.

My Thoughts about the 2020 Trend Colors

  • Many of the colors have been de-saturated and muted to the point where they can be used as neutrals when decorating.
  • The color palettes that lean towards low contrast, making the addition of textures important.
  • Soft muted colors are being used to translate tranquility, order and sanctuary.
  • Clearer colors are being used to solicit focus, balance, and happiness.
  • The new grays and whites are warm-toned.
  • Beige’s have a pink undertone.
  • Mustard, clay, and cocoa are our new earthy colors.
  • Reds are pink-toned resulting in shades like Juneberry and Erics Pink.
  • Navy and dark green have become neutrals, that work well as a grounding color as black has been used traditionally.
  • There is some harmony between palettes.

Special thanks to Sherwin-Williams for allowing me to use their marketing material to share these great new color palettes with you. Visit their website for more information on their products. If you would like to learn more about their Colormix® Forecast click here.

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