The cause and effect Covid-19 will have on interior design and home trends.

This pandemic will influence Interior Design and home trends sooner rather than later. We can say this with 100% certainty because we have changed, and the way we live life today is different. This change isn’t bad news. I am optimistic that we will land in a better place even though we were forced there in a rather unfortunate way.

Here is what I believe
we can likely expect and why:

Cause: Staying at home
effect: greater importance put on “home”

“Home” will Become more critical than ever before. More people will view it as their sanctuary and safe place. This realization will trigger a nesting instinct to mold it to be a custom haven. For some, this will translate to freshening up with a coat of paint and updating decor while others will look to relocate and move to a new home.

Cause: working from home
effect: home office and housing boom

We have already seen the rise in attention the home office has received because of the pandemic. There is a need to have a comfortable function-able workspace that is appealing to work in. I am sure that every manufacturer, that has a finger on the pulse of consumers, has already begun expanding their home office product line. I bet we see some clever “fit anywhere” home office solutions coming to market in record time.

A boom in home office design and furniture is only the beginning.
If businesses decide that their company is just as efficient with their employees working from home, they may determine the physical office is an unnecessary expense and opt to make the work from home business model permanent. Not having to commute to the office would give workers the freedom to relocate, possibly resulting in a housing boom.

Cause: Desire to avoid crowds
effect: surge in entertaining and recreational activities at home.

We have learned that crowded public places may be risky for our health, and I believe we will continue to avoid them until people feel safe again.
We will entertain more at home, making dinner parties a popular social activity again. Entertaining outside is a safer choice and will have people concentrating on their yards, outdoor rooms, and barbecue areas. Our home will have to meet our social and recreational needs. We will do this by installing pools, home theaters, bars, and home gyms and state of the art kitchens compete with luxury upgrades.

CAUSE: Diminished travel
EFFECT: More money to spend on home projects

Design trends in 2020 were largely influenced by travel trends so it is ironic to say that the global influence on our trends will come to a halt. Lavish vacations are costly and we may see that money redirected into home projects.

It would be reasonable to say, in addition to the home projects being geared to meet social and recreational needs. We also will have new needs to meet that are more basic. Scares of shortages such as meat and toilet paper have heightened the need for storage/pantry solutions to accommodate our stockpiles.

Cause: awareness of our footprint on the environment
effect: love for earth

The shut down of factories have shown industrialization’s effect on our earth. We have now witnessed air get cleaner, water become clearer, and wild life thrive. We can no longer turn a blind eye on our neglect to the earth. Consumers will care more about patronizing brands that make “good for the planet” choices when manufacturing.

This love for earth will translate into the colors, patterns and textures that we begin to see in 2021. I predict “inspired by nature” design trends that translate into natural products become widely preferred over man-made; Cotton, wool, silk, natural stone, bamboo, and eucalyptus, just to name a few.

cause: recognizing usA should be self SUSTAINABLE
effect: buying made In The USA

We are a country used to getting what we need easily. When things become unobtainable such as we saw with PPE throughout this health emergency we begin to see the importance in being self sustainable as a country. We will likely experience a renaissance in USA manufacturing as consumers look to buy American made products. One can hope that this will lead us away from the mindset of buying inexpensive goods and cause us to demand higher quality even if it means having less. A shift away from the disposable society we have become would be progress.

What changes to your home has this pandemic caused you to make? I would love for you to let me know by commenting below.

I truly believe our home plays a role in our happiness. It is the core of my design philosophy and I want to help others create their perfect home. If you enjoy getting these tips and seeing what is happening in the design world, be sure to subscribe.

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