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Get Started Creating Your Happy Place at Home

Home should be your happy place.

How do I Create my Happy Place?


Before you begin creating your happy place, think about Disney. All Disney park lovers know that it is an experience like none other. In the first place, the park is designed to have something for everyone. As soon as you walk in, you have crossed a threshold to something magical. Not only has Disney has thought of everything but they have polished every detail. Even my nose is happily entertained with the sweet smells seemingly coming from the restaurants. I remember hearing that these smells are artificially generated to enhance the park’s guest experience. I bring this up because I want you to think of your home environment as an experience.


Simply said, how can you create a space to bring you happiness if you don’t know what makes you and those who live there happy?



  • Is there something they love?
  • What would they like to change?
  • Have them name a few things that makes them happy?
  • What activity do they love to do in their spare time at home?
  • Do they have a favorite at home family activity?
  • Are there specific rooms they like better than others? Why?
  • What colors do they like or don’t like?
  • Do they like patterns or solids?
  • Is there a seat that they prefer?
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Photo by Pragyan Bezbaruah from Pexels


Design with a goal in mind

The idea is to design your environment to encourage desired outcomes. In other words, simply having board games is not enough to encourage game play. They need to be kept in a spot that is easy to access and where they are visible. If the games are kept on the top shelf of a closet behind a million other things, they become tedious to get, and you can easily forget about them. Logically, this makes perfect sense; after a hard day at the office, playing a game with the family sounds like fun. If you run the risk of being assaulted by things falling out of the closet where the games are kept when you open the door to get one, chances are good that game time is not going to happen. What a missed opportunity!

Set up your home to make it easy to seize an opportunity. You might consider using a cart that holds many different games, which can be easily retrieved. If it is easy, it will happen more often. If they are visible, seeing them will send the subliminal message, “Time to play a game!”  In the end, the goal of quality family time, occurs on a regular basis.

With the information gathered from interviewing your family members, you have started to pinpoint the objectives to incorporate into your home. With your desired outcomes brought into focus, you can work towards them as you design your home.

What did you learn from interviewing your family? Did you discover anything? Share by leaving a comment.

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