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Virtual Design Consultations: This is so exciting!

Virtual Design Consultations have been amazing and have allowed my clients and me to stay safe, which is the absolute most crucial thing now. In a few short months, many things have changed. Business is different, but that doesn’t mean bad, quite the contrary.

Virtual design and technology

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I once used technology to make things easier. Facetime allowed me to meet with a client when physically, I was unable to. However, currently, it has taken on a whole new incredible role. Technology has made it possible to continue projects in progress and START NEW ONES during this stay at home time. I have new clients beginning new projects, and all virtual. What a happy twist that I was not expecting.

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Facetime and Zoom make it possible for a face to face discussion and for me to view their home. Zoom also has an added benefit. I can share my computer screen so that my client can see floorplans and sketches that I have done for them. While viewing, we can go over everything and discuss them just as if I were sitting alongside them. Dropbox is terrific for sharing photos. It allows comments and questions about each picture, which makes it a valuable and efficient tool.

These technologies help me provide an authentic design experience for my clients. Although I have used all of these technologies before the stay at home order, during the last two months, I have relied on them to do everything, including picking paint colors, and it has been AWESOME! Even after the stay at home order is lifted, I will continue offering virtual services in addition to my regular design “in-person” design services.

Curious about Virtual design?

If you are interested in finding out more about virtual consultations and other virtual design services, contact me using this link. I will be happy to answer your questions.

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Hi I am Barbara Rose. I am an Interior Designer and I started design2bhappy to inspire others to think of Interior Design as more than just creating a beautiful home. It is about living comfortably, while being surrounded by things you love. It is about creating an environment that we feel good in while providing a sanctuary to counter- balance the stress that life can throw at us. This blog is aimed at helping others achieve that "there is no place like home" feeling.

6 thoughts on “Virtual Design Consultations: This is so exciting!

  1. Besides being a wonderful accomplished interior designer, you are one of the nicest people to spend time with! You pay attention to detail and listen to the clients needs. And your presentations are amazing. I cannot wait to see what you do next! Love seeing your posts so keep on doing what you have been doing! And stay well!


  2. Barbara Rose has done multiple projects for me and they all came out perfect! Highly recommended!

  3. Barbara is truly a designer and finding her calling , has helped me to share in her ideas and advice about decorating. I would definitely recommend her expertise to any one who wants a happy and beautiful home. Sandy T

  4. i cannot say enough wonderful things about Barbara! First and foremost she is so very sweet and personable. She listened to my ideas and worked around the couple of pieces i wanted to keep and made a beautiful design for my living room. I commend her for her patience – because i know i am not easy – but she she kept telling me ‘you will feel it’ and she was absolutely right! We had a lot of fun on our shopping excursions and she helped take me out of my comfort zone on a few items and once again she was correct – now those are my favorite pieces!
    I highly recommend Barbara for any interior designs – she has the ideas, vision and talent to make the your decorating experience amazing!!

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